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General Microfilm Inc. specializes in Accident / Incident Reports from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We house or can obtain all information and other items that are involved in determining the Probable Cause of an accident that has been investigated by NTSB or the FAA. Some portion of the reports can be obtained over the internet, however we have all of the information that goes into the Dockets and we will track the accident and let our clients know as new items become available.

NTSB publishes reports on some accidents, these reports are a condensed version of the factual investigation reports. The reports can be accessed over the internet. We offer the complete factual reports with all pertaining items that go into making up the Dockets.

To obtain copies of Accident or Incident reports click on the Order Form, fill out the form with all of the information you have on the accident and your billing information, then click on send. We will select all pertaining documents, photographs, video tapes, audio tapes, and any other items that may be available and notify you of the cost. If you would like the information sooner or on a expedited bases please call or e-mail us.

For aviation accidents, if you would like to search through a data base to locate certain accidents, click on Aviation this will take you to the aviation data base. If you locate any accidents that you want more information on, record the identification number, date and location (City & State), and then return to ourorder form by clicking on the word Back to return to this page and then click on Order Form .

The data bases for other modes of transportation will be added soon. When completed, you can click on them and go to their data bases for research and then return to order the information that you require. Until then, please order reports by supplying the information you have or by calling our office, we can tell you what information is available at that time and we will track future items for you as they become available.

General Microfilm Inc.

800 East Moler Avenue

Martinsburg, West Virginia   25401

Phone: (304) 267-5830

Fax: (304) 264-0862


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