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Video No.         Adopt Date          Publication Title


VRR 001         04-23-90        Batavia, IA

VRR 002A                             NTSB Passive Grade Crossing Public Forum Tape   of   Various Grade Crossing Accidents, (Tape is Silent but With a Type Script). Present at the Forum by Robert Lauby. May 8, 1997 in Jacksonville, FL,  11 Minutes.

VRR 002B                            Tape of four WJAX-TV 4 News Cast on Grade Crossing Safety Showing Staged Train-van Crash on May 4, 1997 Near St. Augustine, FL   15 Minutes.

VRR 003        02/16/96        Accident Reconstruction: commuter train collision,                                              Silver Spring, Maryland

VRR 005        07/21/99         Accident Animation shown at Board Meeting: Collision of Northern Indiana  Commuter Transportation District Train 102 with a Tractor-Trailer on 6/18/98 in Portage, IN DCA98MR003

VRR 006        09/29/97          approach to point of collision                                               

VRR 007         03/15/99         aerial view of accident provided by news station

VRR 008         03/15/99         Bourbonnais, IL simulation highway/rail crossing


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