Pricing Schedule as of August 21, 2017


Preliminary Reports                                                          $ 10.00 each 

Final Report                                                                         20.00 each

Factual Investigation Supporting Documents Reports          .25 per page

Photographs, Color or B/W 8X10" Glossy                           6.00 each   or   $ 5.00 each for more then 25 per order

Video Recordings (VHS)                                                     20.00 each

Audio Recordings                                                                10.00 each

DVD Recordings                                                                  30.00 each 

Certifying Reports, (Blue Ribbon)                                       20.00 per 300 pages

Reports can be put on CD's if you prefer CD's rather than paper form.

Expedite Service out of our office within 2 days   $40.00 per request   

Microfiche Duplicates, (If available)                                    5.00 each

Special Search Charge                                                          20.00 per hour

Subscription Service
Priced upon request

The Above Items Require a $ 20.00 Handling Charge Plus Shipping Charges Per Request.

We offer two types of payment plans.
  1.  Credit Cards
  2.  Pre Bill - Requires Payment in Advance ( Checks Excepted )



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