General Microfilm Inc.

Company Profile

General Microfilm Inc. (GMI) Is a Small, Independent Woman owned company. GMI was started in 1969 as a Microfilm Service Bureau and Facility Management Company. Over the years GMI has become a full Image Service Bureau. While Microfilm still plays a very important part of our business we also offer our clients a full range of other services.

GMI in the early 1980's went under contract with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to maintain all of their accident files on microfiche. From the early 1990's the reports are housed in a image data base. We also maintain and house a complete library of photographic negatives, audio and video tapes and other items that may be related to an accident report. We copy these documents for our clients and distribute them world wide.

Besides NTSB reports, we offer our clients a wide range of other services, like audio and video copying, full color photographs and photo-imaging services. With our accident / incident database we offer document tracking, and retrieval services for other documents and reports from other sources like the Military, FAA, DOT, or wherever the items may be found.

GMI also assist's clients with litigation support as required, in our office or wherever we may be required to go to perform our services in the field of documentation retrieval, indexing, and image capture.

GMI over the years has performed a wide range of services for our clients and will continue to do so in the future. With the changing times it is necessary to stay aware of the new systems and technology, so that GMI can better serve it's clients.

Please contact us for any additional information on our services.

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