General Microfilm Inc.

Capabilities and Qualifications

General Microfilm Inc. (GMI) has the capabilities to perform all of the following listed services at our office which is located at 632 Files Cross Rd., Martinsburg, West Virginia  25404, and the qualifications to perform these and all related services as Facility Management Services or under our Image Capture Services at our clients office or as directed.

Microfilming Services:

            16mm, 35mm, 105mm, Microfiche, in all formats and reductions

             Film Processing and Duplication, Silver, Diazo, or Vesicular, all formats

             Print back to paper, all formats and reductions

             Aperture Cards, all spec's and formats

             Microfilm Jackets, all formats

Imaging Services:

             Most sizes and formats, to most file formats, Color or Black & White

             Complete Indexing, DataBase as required

             Mastering to CD's, Dat Tapes, Internet, Downloads, and Other

             Print Back to Paper, most formats

             Your documents on the Internet / DataBase Management

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

             House all Accident / Incident Reports, all pertaining documents and related items

Other Services:

             Litigation Support Services as Required

             Document Recovery Services, (Damage do to Fire, Smoke, Water, or Other)

             Other related or non-related services that may be required by our clients

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