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Board Meeting  Videos

Order No.          Date              Publication Title
VBDM 001        07/15/86        Ft. Worth Int. Airport, TX  08/02/85  Delta Air Lines, INC. Lockheed                                                     L-1011-385-1,  N726DA
VBDM 002A     07/21/92        Eagle Lake, TX  09/11/91  Britt Airways, Continental Express Flt. 2574,                                                     In-flight Breakup                 
VBDM 002B     07/21/92        Piper Malibu Study
VBDM 003        09/28/92        Calhoon, TN  12/11/90  Limited Visibility (FOG) Accidents
VBDM 004        10/14/92        Safety Study,  Alcohol Involvement in Fatal General Aviation Accidents
VBDM 005A     10/27/92        New York City Transit Authority Derailment  08/28/91
VBDM 005B      10/27/92        Safety Study,  Locomotive Fuel Tank Integrity
VBDM 006        11/19/92        Swanton, OH 02/15/92  Air Transport Int.  Flight 805 N794AL  Loss of Control                                                    & Crash 
VBDM 007        12/08/92        Colorado Springs, CO  United Airlines Flt. 585,  Uncontrolled Collision                                                     with Terrain
VBDM 008        12/22/92        Special Investigation Report,  Tank Car Inspection
VBDM 009        01/05/93        Chicago, IL  People's Gas Pipeline Accident 01/17/92
VBDM 010        02/02/93        Maui, HI  In-flight Collision with Terrain,
VBDM 011        02/17/93        Flushing, NY  03/22/92  Takeoff Stall in Icing Conditions,  USAIR Flt. 405
VBDM 012A     03/02/93      Anniston, AL Controlled Collision with Terrain
VBDM 012B      03/02/93       Safety Recommendations to States to Reduce Youth Involvement in Highwat                                                     Crashes    
VBDM 013        03/31/93        JFK Int. Airport, NY  07/30/92  TWA flt. 843 Aborted takeoff shortly after Liftoff
VBDM 014A     04/13/93        Palm Springs, CA  07/13/91  Tour Bus Plunge From Tramway Rd and Overturn
VBDM 014B     04/13/93        Safety Study:  Recreational Boating
VBDM 015A     04/27/93       Cleveland, OH  07/02/91  Rear-end Collision of Gcrta Equipment Train        
VBDM 015B     04/27/93        Block Island, Rhode Island Business Express, Inc. Accident Date 12/28/91
VBDM 015C     04/27/93        Modifications to the  "MOST WANTED LIST"
VBDM 016        05/11/93        Superior, WI  06/30/92  Burlington Northern Railroad Accident
VBDM 017A     05/25/93        Near Cuttyhunk Island Vineyard Sound, MA. Grounding of the UK Passenger                                                     Vessel QE II 8/7/92
VBDM 017B     05/25/93        Near Ledger, MO. 8/30/91 Head-On Collision between Burlington N. Railroad                                                     Trains 602 & 603    
VBDM 018      06/08/93       Passenger Vessel Special Investigation Fire Safety Recommendation to Coast                                                      Guard
VBDM 019        06/23/93        Vernon, NJ. 7/26/92 Charter Bus Loss of Control Overturn, And Fire  
VBDM 020A     07/20/93        Palatka, FL. 12/17/91 Amtrack Derailment 
VBDM 020        07/26/93        80 Nautical Miles of East Cape Canaveral, FL.  2/9/93 Commercial Space Launch                                                     Incident, Launch Procedure Anomaly Orbital Sciences Corporation                                                     Pegasus/Scd-1.                          
VBDM 021A     09/13/93        Lugoff, SC. 7/31/91 Derailment & Subsequent Collision of Amtrak Train 82                                                    with Rail Cars on  Dupont Siding of CSX Transportation Inc.                             
VBDM 021B     09/13/93        Graefenberg, KY. 8/7/92 Helicopter Crash Injuring Gov. Jones.             
VBDM 021C    09/13/93      Greenwood, IN.  9/11/92  Midair Collision Mitsubishi MU-2B-60, N74FB, &                                                     Piper PA-32-301 N82419, Greenwood Municipal Airport.
VBDM 022        09/28/93       Brenham, TX. 4/7/92  Highly Volatile Release From Underground Storage                                                    Cavern & Explosion Mapco Natural Gas Liquids, Inc.
VBDM 023        10/13/93       Anchorage, AK. 3/31/93  In-Flight Engine Seperation Japan Airlines, Inc                                                   Flight 46E Boeing 747-121
VBDM 024        10/27/93        Shemya, AK. 4/6/93  Inadvertent In-Flight Slat Development China Eastern                                                    Airlines Flight 583 Mcdonnell Douglas MD-11, B-2171 950 Nautical Miles                                                    South Of Shemya, AK
VBDM 025A      11/16/93        Zwingle, IA. 4/19/93 In-Flight Loss of Propeller Blade & Uncontrolled                                                     Collision with Terrain
VBDM 025B      11/16/93        Houston Ship Channel, 12/21/92 Collision of the U.S. Towboat Fremont and                                                      Tow with the St.  Vincent and the Grenadines-Registered Containership Juraj                                                      Dalmatinac
VBDM 026A     12/07/93        Near Gary, IN. 1/18/93 Collision between Northern Indiana Commuter                                                      Eastbound #7 & WB # 12
VBDM 026B     12/07/93        Dallas/Ft. Worth Intl. Airport, TX. 4/14/93  Runway Departure Following                                                     Landing, American Airlines Flight 102 McDonnell Douglas DC-10, N139AA,                                                     Graphic Animation Tape also Available - VAV 021A and VAV 021B  
VBDM 027A     01/19/94        Shelton, NE. 4/28/93  GP Express (Aviation)
VBDM 027B     01/19/94        Safety Study - Review of Flight crew-Involved, Major Accidents of US                                                    Carriers 1978-1990
VBDM 028        02/01/94        Near Venice, LA. 3/24/93  Collision Between the U.S. Offshore Supply Vessel                                                      Galveston and the Panamanian Bulk Carrier Atticos in the Lower                                                      Mississippi River
VBDM 029A     02/15/94        About 20 Miles East of Japan, 12/7/92 In-Flight Turbulence Encounter and                                                     Loss of Portions of the  Elevators, China Airlines Flight C1-012 McDonnell                                                     Douglas MD-11-P, Taiwan Reg. B-150 
VBDM 029B     02/15/94        Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 3/17/93  Gasoline Tank/Amtrak Train Collision and Fire
VBDM 029C      02/15/94        Recommendations to FAA on B-757 Vortex Separation   
VBDM 030        02/28/94        Evergreen, AL. 5/19/93 Tractor-Semi trailer Collision with Bridge Columns on                                                     Interstate 65  
VBDM 031        03/15/94        Pine Bluff, AR. 4/29/93  GP Express  (Aviation)
VBDM 032        03/28/94        Superior, WI. 6/30/92 Derailment of Burlington Northern Freight Train No.                                                      01-142-30 and  Release of Hazardous Materials
VBDM 033        04/12/94        Front Royal, VA.  10/26/93  Controlled Flight Into Terrain FAA Beech                                                     Super King 300/F, N82
VBDM 034        05/10/94        Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 8/18/93 Uncontrolled Collision with Terrain,                                                      American International Airways  Flight 808, Douglas DC-8-61, N814CK,                                                      U.S. Naval Air Station.
VBDM 034A      05/24/94        Hibbing, MN. 12/1/93 Controlled Collision with Terrain, Express II Airlines,                                                       Inc./ Northwest  Air link Flight 5719 Jetstream BA-3100, N334PX
VBDM 035B      05/24/94        "MOST WANTED LIST" Revisions 
VBDM 036        06/07/94        New Orleans, LA.  5/28/93  U.S. Towboat Chris Collision with the Judge                                                     William Seeber Bridge
VBDM 037        06/21/94        Near Mobile, AL  09/22/93  Derailment of AMTRAK Train No. 2 on the                                                     CSXT Big Bayou Canot  Bridge.       
VBDM 038        07/19/94        In Glacier Bay, AK  08/18/93  Grounding of U.S. Passenger Vessel M/V                                                     Yorktown Clipper.
VBDM 039        09/07/94        Chesapeake Bay, MD  12/05/93  Sinking of U.S. Small Passenger Vessel                                                     El Toro II near Point Lookout, MD
VBDM 040        09/27/94        False River Air Park, New Roads, LA  02/01/94  Over speed and Loss of                                                     Power on Both Engines During Descent and Power-off Emergency Landing                                                     Simmons Airlines, Inc., American Eagle Flight 3641, N349SB       
VBDM 041        10/06/94        Columbus, OH  01/07/94  Stall and Loss of Control on Final Approach, Atlantic                                                      Coast Airlines,  Inc.N304UE 
VBDM 042        10/17/94        Responses To Recommendations from Aviation Symposium March 1994.        
VBDM 043        11/15/94        Safety Study on Commuter Airline Industry.
VBDM 044        11/15/94        Kelso, WA 11/11/93 Head-On Collision & Derailment of Burlington Northern                                                     Fright Train w/Union Pacific F/T
VBDM 045        11/29/94       Near Snyder, OK  11/10/93  Collision of Small School Bus & Tractor-Semi trailer.
VBDM 046        12/13/94        Stratford, CT 04/27/94 Impact with Blast Fence Upon Landing Rollout Action                                                    Air Charters Flt 990 Piper PA-31-350, N990RA
VBDM 047        12/20/94        Galveston, TX  10/09/93  Explosion & Fire on Board The U.U. Tank ship OMI                                                     Charger
VBDM 048A      01/18/95       Edison, NJ  03/23/94  Texas Eastern Transmission Corp. Natural Gas Pipeline                                                      Explosion & Fire.
VBDM 048B      01/18/95       Safety Study: Factors that Affect Fatigue in Heavy Truck Accidents
VBDM 049A      02/14/95     Flushing, NY 03/02/94  Runway Overrun Following Rejected Takeoff,                                                     Continental Airlines Flt. 795 
VBDM 049B      02/14/95       Near Lakeland, FL 01/13/94  Derailment of Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey                                                     Circus Blue Train.
VBDM 050A      02/22/95       Chattanooga, TN  06/06/94  Tank Car Failure and Release of Arsenic Acid.
VBDM 050B      02/22/95       Recommendations: Enhanced Flight Data Recorder Requirements.
VBDM 051        03/07/95        Chantilly, VA  06/18/94  Transportes Aeroes Ejecutivos, S.A. (TAESA)                                                     Learjet 25D, XA-BBA
VBDM 052A     03/21/95        Talledega, AL 07/12/93 N9116F  &   Hohenwald, TN 11/03/93  N132MP
VBDM 052B     03/21/95        Selma, NC  05/16/94  Amtrak Train 87 Derailment After Colliding with                                                     Intermodal Trailer from CSXT Train 176
VBDM 053        04/04/95        Charlotte, NC  06/02/94  Flight into Terrain During Missed Approach USAir                                                     1016, DC-9-31, N954VJ
VBDM 054A     04/18/95        Gulf Of Mexico,  11/16/93  Collision Between The Netherlands Antilles                                                      Passenger Ship Noordam and The Maltese Bulk Carrier Mount Ymitos.
VBDM 054B      04/18/95       St. Paul, MN  07/22/93  Brief of Pipeline Accident & Reccom Excavtion-                                                     Caused Pipeline Break & Explosion
VBDM 055A     05/16/95        Near Intercession, FL 11/30/93 Collision of Amtrak Train No. 88 with Rountree                                                     Transport and Rigging, Inc. Vehicle on CSX Transportation, Inc. 
VBDM 055B      05/16/95       "MOST WANTED LIST"
VBDM 056A     06/01/95        Special Investigation Report: Safety of the Air Tour Industry in the USA.
VBDM 056B      06/01/95       Briefs Of Aviation Accidents.
VBDM 057        06/06/95        Brief Of Highway Accident:  Hooks, TX  08/08/94  & Weatherford, TX 07/03/94      
VBDM 058        07/11/95        Alaska Bering Sea, 06/24/94 Fire on Board U.S. Fish Processing Vessel All                                                     Alaskan Near Unimak Island.       
VBDM 059A     08/01/95      Fresno, CA  12/14/94 Crash During Emergency Landing, Phoenix Air Learjet                                                     35A, N521PA
VBDM 059B     08/01/95        Briefs of 11 Aviation Accidents: File No (S), 1439,1522,1560, & 1706
VBDM 060A     08/30/95        Bridgeton, MO 11/22/94 Runway Collision Involving Transworld Airlines Flt.                                                     427 &   Superior Aviation Cessna 
VBDM 060B     08/30/95        Kansas City, MO 02/16/95 Uncontrolled Collision with Terrain Air Transport                                                     Intrl. Douglas  DC-8-63, N782AL
VBDM 061        09/07/95        Near Thedford, NE 06/08/94 Collision & Derailment Involving 3 Burlington                                                     Northern Freight Trains
VBDM 062       10/03/95        Near Cajon, CA 12/14/94 Rear-end Collision of A.T.& S Fe PBHLA-10 & U.P.                                                    CUWLA-10
VBDM 063       10/24/95        Morrisville, NC 12/13/94 Uncontrolled Collision with Terrain American Eagle Flt.                                                    3379 BAE Jetstream 3201
VBDM 064       11/14/95        White Plains, NY 07/27/94 Propane Truck Collision with Bridge Column and Fire.
VBDM 064A    11/14/95        San Francisco Bay, CA 12/03/94 Fire Aboard U.S. Small Passenger Vessel Argo                                                    Commodore.
VBDM 064B     11/14/95       Railroad Accident Briefs:  02/15/95,  04/06/95,  & 07/25/95
VBDM 065A    11/28/95        Safety Study:  Aviation Safety in Alaska.
VBDM 065B    11/28/95        Menifee, AR 01/09/95 Multiple Vehicle Collision with Fire During Fog Near                                                    Milepost 118 on  Interstate 40 Special Investigation Of Collision Warning                                                    Technology. 
VBDM 066A    12/12/95        St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands 10/08/94 Engineer room Fire On Board The Liberian                                                     Tank ship Seal Island While Moored At The Amerada Hess Oil Terminal. 
VBDM 066B     12/12/95       Aviation Briefs:  Cambridge, MA 02/22/95, Stevenson, AL & Dallas/Ft.                                                    Worth, TX 02/27/95
VBDM 067A     01/23/96        Special Investigation Report: Air Traffic Control Equipment Outage.
VBDM 067B     01/23/96        Special Investigation Report: Evaluation of Accident Data, Federal Oversight                                                    of Petroleum Produce Pipelines
VBDM 068        02/06/96        Investigation Report: Allentown, PA 06/09/94 Gas Pipeline Explosion.       
VBDM 069        03/05/96        Sycamore, SC  05/05/95 Highway/Railroad Accident Grade Crossing.
VBDM 070        03/19/96        Brooklyn, NY 02/09/95 Railroad Accident Collision & Derailment of Two NYC                                                     Transit Subway.
VBDM 071        04/02/96        Special Investigation Report: Robinson Helicopter Company R22 Loss of Main                                                     Rotor Control Accidents.
VBDM 072        04/30/96        "MOST WANTED" Safety Recommendations Program: Status Report &                                                     Suggested Medications.
VBDM 073        06/24/96        Aviation Briefs of Incidents: Corsicana, TX 11/17/95,  Ramona, CA 06/21/95,                                                     & Beaver Dam, AZ  09/02/95
VBDM 074        07/09/96        Roselawn, IN 10/03/94 In-Flight Icing Encounter & Loss of Control, America                                                     Eagle Flt. 4184, Model 72-212
VBDM 075A     07/11/96       Near Batavia, NY AMTRAK Train 49 "The Lake Shore Limited" While on the                                                     Consolidated Rail Corp.  
VBDM 075B     07/11/96        Railroad Briefs of Accidents: San Francisco, CA 8/17/96, Laramie, WY 11/18/95                                                    & Harrison, NJ 12/2/95
VBDM 076        07/30/96        Atlanta, GA 06/08/95 Uncontained Engine Failure/Fire Valujet Airlines Flt.597,                                                    Douglas DC-9-32
VBDM 077        06/11/96        Seward, AK 5/27/95 Fire on Board The U.S. Fish Processing Vessel Alaska                                                    Spirit.
VBDM 078        09/04/96        Brooklyn, NY 6/5/95 Collision Involving Two NY City Transit Subway Trains                                                    on the Williamsburg Bridge.
VBDM 080        09/17/96        SAFETY STUDY: The Performance & Use Child Restraint Systems, Seatbelts                                                     & Air Bags for Children.
VBDM 081        10/01/96        Recommendations To FAA: Boeing 737 Directional Control System                                                      Improvement, Unusual Attitude Training
VBDM 081A     10/01/96        Recommendation To FAA: American Airline Accident Near Buga, Columbia                                                     12/20/95.
VBDM 082A     10/16/96        Recommendations To FAA: Boeing 737 Directional Control System                                                     Improvement & Unusual Attitude. 
VBDM 082B      10/16/96        Fox River Grove, IL 10/25/95 Collision of NE IL Reg. Com. RR Corp. Train &                                                     Transportation Joint Agmt Scl.
VBDM 083A     10/30/96        Fox River Grove, IL 10/25/95 Collision of NE IL Reg. Com. RR Corp. Train &                                                     Transportation Joint Agmt Scl.
VBDM 083B      10/30/96        Rockville, MD 1/6/96 Metro Train T-111 with Standing Train at Shady Grove                                                     Passenger Station.
VBDM 083C      10/30/86        JFK Int. Airport, NY 12/20/95 During Attempted Takeoff; Tower Air Flt. 41,                                                     Boeing 747-136. 
VBDM 084A     11/13/96        East Granby, CT 11/12/95 American Airlines, Inc. Mcdonnell Douglas MD-83,                                                     N566AA.
VBDM 084B     11/13/96        Gardners, PA 6/16/95 Steam Locomotive Firebox Explosion on The Gettysburg                                                     Railroad.
VBDM 085A     11/26/96        Carrollton, GA 8/21/96 In-Flight Loss of Propeller Blade, Forced Landing &                                                     Collision with Terrain.
VBDM 085B     11/26/96        Juneau, AK 8/21/94 Capsizing of Questar Motorboat & Drowning of Operator.
VBDM 086A     12/11/96        Nashville, TN 1/7/96 In-Flight/Hard Landing, Valujet Airlines Flt. 558 Douglas                                                     DC-9-32, N922VJ
VBDM 086B     12/11/96        Near Cajon Junction, CA 2/1/96 Derailment of Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe                                                     Railway Train H-Balti-31.
VBDM 087        11/01/90        Sioux City, IA United Airlines,  Also See Tapes VAV 011A & 011B
VBDM 088        02/11/97        Houston, TX 2/19/96 Continental Airlines Flyt. 1943 Douglas DC-9-32                                                     Wheels-up Landing
VBDM 089        03/04/97        Cheyenne, WY 4/11/96 Cessna 177B, N35207, In-Flight Loss of Control &                                                     Subsequent Collision  W/Terrain     
VBDM 090        03/12/97        Near Nantucket 6/10/95 Grounding of The Panamanian Passenger Ship Royal                                                     Majesty on Rose & Crown Shl
VBDM 091        03/25/97        Secaucus, NJ  Near Head-On Collision & Derailment of Two NJ Transit                                                     Commuter Trains.          
VBDM 092        04/08/97        Near Grounding Of Patriot
VBDM 093A     05/20/97        Most Wanted List Update
VBDM 093B     05/20/97        Near Juneau, AK 6/23/95 Grounding of the Liberian Passenger Ship Star                                                     Princess on Poundstone  Rock,
VBDM 094A     06/10/97        Recommendations on Air Bags and Occupant Restraint Use.
VBDM 094B     06/10/97        Lynn Canal, AK 6/23/95 Grounding of the Liberian Passenger Ship Star                                                     Princess on Poundstone Rock.(REV.)
VBDM 095A     06/17/97        Silver Spring, MD 2/16/96 Derailment of Maryland Rail Commuter Train 286                                                     & Nat Railroad  Passenger Train 29
VBDM 095B      06/17/97       Flushing, NY 10/19/96 Descent Below Visual Glidepath & Collision W/Terrain,                                                     Delta Airlines 554  
VBDM 096        07/01/97        Quincy, IL 11/19/96 Runway Collision, United Express 5925 & King Air A90                                                     at QMA
VBDM 097        07/15/97        Narrows, VA 12/22/96 Flight into Terrain, ABX Air Inc. (Airbonre Express),                                                     N827AX
VBDM 099        08/19/97        Miami, FL 5/11/96 Valujet Airlines Flight 592        
VBDM 100A     09/16/97        Juneau, AK 7/27/96 Fire on Board The Panamanian Passenger Ship Universe                                                     Explorer in Lynn Cnl.   
VBDM 100B     09/16/97        Aviation Briefs of Accidents: Miami, FL 1/23/96 & Bethalto, IL 6/19/96
VBDM 101A     09/30/97        Cosmopolis, WA 11/26/96 Highway Accident Summary Report: Collision with                                                     a Pedestrian by a Utility Truck
VBDM 101B     09/30/97        Plymouth Meeting 4/25/96 Truck Loss of Braking Control on Steep Downgrade                                                    & Vehicle Crash
VBDM 102        10/07/97        Secaucus, NJ 11/23/96 Derailment of Amtrak Train No. 12 & Sideswipe of Amtrak                                                    Train No.79 on Portal Bridge 
VBDM 103        10/28/97        Near Kelso, CA 1/12/97 Derailment of Union Pacific Railroad Unit Freight Train                                                    6205
VBDM 104A     12/16/97        San Juan, PR 11/21/96 Propane Gas Explosion, San Juan Gas Company, /Enron                                                     Corp.
VBDM 104B     12/16/97        Safety Study: Protecting Public Safety Through Excavation Damage Prevention.
VBDM 105A     01/13/98        New Orleans, LA 12/14/96 Allison of the Liberian Freighter Bright Field with                                                     The Poydras Street Wharf. 
VBDM 105B      01/13/98        Pensacola, FL 7/6/96 Uncontained Engine Failure, Delta Air Lines Flt. 1288,                                                     Douglas MD-88,
VBDM 105C      01/13/98        Safety Recommendation Letter: Aerial Advertising/Banner Towing.
VBDM 106A      02/10/98        Safety Study: Improving the Safety of U.S. Commercial Fishing Vessels. 
VBDM 107A      04/14/98        Juneau, AK 7/27/96 Fire on Board the Panamanian Passenger Ship Universe                                                      Explorer in the Lynn
VBDM 107B      04/14 98        Railroad Regional Briefs and Safety Recommendation Letter to the Federal                                                     Railroad Adm.
VBDM 107C      04/14/98        Pipeline Special Investigation Report: Brittle-Like Cracking in Plastic Pipe                                                     for Gas Service. 
VBDM 108        04/21/98        Slinger, WI 2/12/97 Multiple Vehicle Crossover Accident.         
VBDM 109A     05/05/98        Portland, ME 9/27/96 Post accident Alcohol & Other Drug Testing in the                                                     Marine Industry & the Ramming of the  Portland South Bridge By The                                                     Liberian Tank ship
VBDM 109B     05/05/98       Yonkers, NY 10/09/97 Highway/Hazardous Materials Summary Report:                                                    Collision and Fire of Tractor/Cargo Tank Semi trailer & Passenger Vehicle and                                                    Subsequent Fire.   
VBDM 109C     05/05/98        "MOST WANTED" Safety Recommendation Program Status Report and                                                    Suggested Modification. 
VBDM 110A     05/19/98        Safety Study:  Personal Watercraft Safety.  
VBDM 110B     05/19/98        Devine, TX 06/22/97 Collision and Derailment of Union Pacific Railroad Freight                                                    Train.
VBDM 111        06/16/98        Miami, FL 08/07/97  Uncontrolled Impact with Terrain, Fine Air.        
VBDM 112        06/03/98        Near Delia, KS  7/2/97  Collision & Derailment Between U.P.R. Fright Train                                                     MKSNP-01 & ZSEME-29.
VBDM 113A     07/14/98        Kingman, AZ  8/9/97  Derailment of AMTRAK Train 4 on the Burlington                                                     Northern Santa FE  Railway.
VBDM 113B     07/14/98        South Kingston, RI  1/19/96  Fire Aboard the Tug Scandia and the Subsequent                                                    Grounding of the Tug and Tank Barge North Cape Moonstone Beach.
VBDM 114A     07/21/98        Safety Study:  Safety of Passive Grade Crossings.
VBDM 114B     07/21/98        Newburgh, NY  9/5/96  In-Flight Fire/Emergency Landing, Fedex Flt. 1406.
VBDM 115        08/27/98        Monroe, MI  1/9/97  In-Flight Icing Encounter and Uncontrolled Collision                                                     W/Terrain, Comair
VBDM 116A     11/03/98        Fort Shoals, SC  6/26/96  Pipeline Rupture and Release of Fuel Oil into the                                                     Reedy River.
VBDM 116B     11/03/98        Lively, TX  8/24/96  Pipeline Rupture, Liquid Butane Report Release and Fire.
VBDM 117A      11/17/98        Transit Bus Special Investigation Report. 
VBDM 117B     11/17/98        Memphis, TN  4/2/97  Failure of an Allied-Signal, Inc. Railroad Tank Car &                                                     Release of Anhydrous Hydrogen
VBDM 118A     12/01/98        Pasadena, TX  11/22/97  Failure of Tank Car Teax 3417 & Subsequent Release                                                    of Petroleum Gas. 
VBDM 118B     12/01/98        Railroad Regional Briefs.
VBDM 119        12/15/98        Brief of Accident-BK-117-B@ Helicopter Crash, N909CP, NY City, 4/15/97:                                                     Safety  Recommendation to The FAA About Blind Rivets.
VBDM 120        01/12/99        Highway Special Investigation Report: Selective Motor coach Issues.        
VBDM 121        01/26/99        Pacific Grove, CA 10/12/97 N555JD, and Recommendation to the FAA , the                                                     EAA, and the AIA Concerning Experimental, Amateur Build Aircraft  
VBDM 122        02/23/99        Aliquippa, PA 9/8/94 Uncontrolled Descent and Collision with Terrain,                                                     USAir Flt. 427, N513AU
VBDM 123A     04/20/99        Houston, TX 02/12/98 Gates Learjet 25B, N627WS, Recommendation to the                                                     FAA concerning adherence to standard operating procedures and enhanced                                                     ground proximity warning system
VBDM 123B     04/20/99        Key West, FL 06/29/98, Accident summary report and recommendation: To                                                     the FHWA and Dion  Oil Company Concerning procedures & training for                                                     loading/unloading cargo tanks. 
VBDM 124A     05/11/99     "MOST WANTED" Safety recommendations program status report and                                                    suggested modifications
VBDM 124B     05/11/99        Safety Report on the Status of operator fatigue.
VBDM 125       06/08/99        Highway Special Investigation Report: Pupil transportation on nonconforming                                                    Buses.   
VBDM 126A     06/29/99       Montrose, CO 10/08/99 Scenic Airlines Cessna 208B, N12022,
VBDM 126B     06/29/99      Cox Landing, WV 06/20/98 Railroad Accident Summary Report: Derailment of                                                   a CSX Fright Train and Subsequent Hazardous Material Release.
VBDM 127       07/13/99       Butler, IN 03/25/98 Railroad Summary Report: Collision of Norfolk Southern                                                   Corporation Train 255L5 with consolidated rail corporation (conrail) Train                                                   TV 220
VBDM 128       07/21/99       Portage, IN 06/18/98 Collision of Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation                                                   District Train 102  with a Tractor-Trailer
VBDM 129      08/10/99        Railroad Special Investigation Report: Northern Indiana Commuter                                                   Transportation Distract Railroad  Safety Assessment 
VBDM 130A     09/21/99      Highway Special Investigation Report: Bus Crashworthiness.
VBDM 130B     09/21/99       Biloxi, MS  08/09/98 Hazardous Materials Accident Report: Overflow of                                                   Gasoline and fire at a service station-conveniences store.
VBDM 132      10/19/99        Response to Safety Recommendation A-95-116 From FAA Regarding                                                   information to be in Pilot Record
VBDM 133      11/02/99        Nimitz Hill, Guam 08/06/97 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Korean Air                                                   Flight 801, Boeing 747-300, HL7468
VBDM 134      11/16/99        American Airlines Flight 574, San Juan, PR. 07/09/98 & Safety                                                   Recommendations to FAA concerning Testing of Emergency Evacuation                                                   Systems
VBDB 135A     01/05/00         Highway Accident Report: Greyhound Motor coach Run-Off-the-Road                                                    Accident, Burnt Cabins, Pennsylvania on June 20, 1998
VBDM 135B     01/05/00         Proposed Safety Recommendation: Regarding the Use of Medication When                                                     Operating Vehicles.
VBDM 136        02/08/00         Presentation on the NTSB International Aviation Safety Program.
VBDM 137        05/03/00         "Most Wanted" Safety Recommendation Program Status Report and                                                      Suggested Modifications.
VBDM 138A     06/17/00         Special Investigation Report: Truck Parking Areas.
VBDM 138B      06/17/00         West Of Jackson, TN. I-40  HWY99FH021   06/03/99
VBDM 139        05/31/00         Marine Accident Report:  Ramming of the eads Bridge by Barges in tow of                                                     the M/V Anne Holly with Subsequent Ramming and Near Breakaway of the                                                     President of the Casino on the Admiral, St. Louis, Missouri,  on April 4, 1998
VBDM 140A     06/13/00         Safety Recommendation to the Federal Aviation Administration to Prevent                                                     Runway Incursions.
VBDM 141B      07/11/00         Pipeline Accident Report: Natural Gas Pipeline Rupture & Explosion in                                                      St. Cloud,  MN 12/11/98
VBDM 142        07/25/00         Aviation Accident Report: Crash During Landing, Federal Express, Inc.,                                                     Flight 14, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, N611FE, Newark Int'l Airport,                                                     Newark, NJ 7/31/97
VBDM 143A     08/22/00         Aviation Accident Report: TWA Flight 800, Atlantic Ocean near east                                                     Moriches, New York,  7/17/96
VBDM 143B     08/23/00         Aviation Accident Report: TWA Flight 800, Atlantic Ocean near east                                                     Moriches, New York,  7/17/96

Last Up Date: 04/14/08

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